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Internet Cable

Welcome to M/S Molla Brothers

High Speed Internet Service

M/S Molla Brothers providing high speeds of internet service. We always insure high speed internet at lowest cost.

Best Professionals

We are here to give you the best internet service possible.

Customer Satisfaction

At present, according to our own customer feedback, they are 96% happy! And 99% of our customers believe we fulfill our promises on time.

Complete Care

Whatever your plan is, our service is very good, just as you expect. We seriously evaluate customer complaints.

Our Services

We are always ready to provide the best service.

Internet Service

High Speed Internet Service



Meet the Team

Highly trained professionals ready to provide the best internet service, be gentle, and give you a pleasant experience. We always ensure to provide the best service.

Mollah Jakaria Lalin


He is a Chairman of M/S Molla Brothers.

Sultan Mahmud

Field Support

Internet Connection Lineworker.

Shezan Ahmed

Billing Section

Internet Connection Lineworker, Bill Collector

Shamsul Haque

Field Support

Internet Connection Lineworker.

LAN Network

How long will take to make a new connection?

Actually, we always try to connect a new user our level best. We always try to provide new connections very quickly as soon as possible.

Customer Testimonials

Almost I use the internet, I get very good service from MS Molla Brothers ISP.Thank you very much.

Shoaieb Ahmed


Wow. This is very good. I'm so happy to get best service.

Jamil Talukder


Best Internet Service Provider in Elenga. Thanks for providing the good service.

Sumon Khan


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Elenga Bus-Stand, Kalihati, Tangail


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Support +8801308584220 (Shamsul Hoque)
Support: +8801904-228893 (Sajen Khan)